Doing life together while pursuing God.

Plum Creek Groups are small groups designed to connect you with others at Plum Creek by doing life together while pursuing God. We offer the options of forming a group with people that you are already doing life with (neighbors, co-workers, other Plum Creekers…) or joining an existing group. There are a variety of group options including marriage, parenting, finances, athletics, family, social issues, creative arts, and more.

1. Have you ever been on the wrong side of someone showing favoritism? If so what happened and how did you feel?

2. Why do you think we are prone to not wanting others to show favoritism towards us, yet easily show favorites with others?

3. How is racism the same sin as showing favoritism? Where do you see yourself doing this as well?

4. Our study of James has hit us pretty hard with the challenge to not just be a hearer of the word, but a doer of the word. How does this challenge you personally? Where are you most prone to know you need to make some changes and applications, but not be proactive in doing so?

5. Why is it that we typically get frustrated with others when they do this, only to also do it ourselves?

6. Read James 1:22-25 and 2:14-26. What are the main points of these two passages? What implications do these verses have for your life personally?

7. Pray for each other that we won’t just be hearers of the word, but that we would be known as doers of the word!