Doing life together while pursuing God.

Plum Creek Groups are small groups designed to connect you with others at Plum Creek by doing life together while pursuing God. We offer the options of forming a group with people that you are already doing life with (neighbors, co-workers, other Plum Creekers…) or joining an existing group. There are a variety of group options including marriage, parenting, finances, athletics, family, social issues, creative arts, and more.

If you are going through these questions with a group, summarize the message from this weekend for anyone who might not have been there.

If you are going through these questions as an individual, spend some time going over your notes or writing down any thoughts or questions that stand out from the message this weekend.

Main Thought: We Exist To Make Jesus Famous

Read Colossians 1:3-6

How would you explain “changed lives, changing lives” to someone?

Read Colossians 15:3-4

What is your definition of the gospel?

What circumstances usually keeps you from sharing the gospel with people?

Do you feel well prepared to share the gospel with someone? If yes, what tools helped you gain this confidence? If no, what parts of sharing the gospel do you feel inadequate in sharing?