Doing life together while pursuing God.

Plum Creek Groups are small groups designed to connect you with others at Plum Creek by doing life together while pursuing God. We offer the options of forming a group with people that you are already doing life with (neighbors, co-workers, other Plum Creekers…) or joining an existing group. There are a variety of group options including marriage, parenting, finances, athletics, family, social issues, creative arts, and more.

If you are going through these questions with a group, summarize the message from this weekend for anyone who might not have been there.

If you are going through these questions as an individual, spend some time going over your notes or writing down any thoughts or questions that stand out from the message this weekend.

Main Thought: Relational Success Requires Intentional Response

What do you consider the requirements for falling in love?

Read Ephesians 5:31-33

Do you prefer to be shown more love or more respect?

Do you think you approach your relationship with a consumer mentality or contributor mentality?

What has shaped your understanding of relational conflict?

How have you seen conflict handled in this past? How do you handle it now? How do you feel when you’re in the midst of conflict with people you care about?

What steps have you taken (or are you taking) to identify and process the baggage you bring into relationships?

How have you seen your baggage affect your relationships/your expectations of others?

What pieces of your story did you expect to only affect you but have potential to affect others in the future?