Doing life together while pursuing God.

Plum Creek Groups are small groups designed to connect you with others at Plum Creek by doing life together while pursuing God. We offer the options of forming a group with people that you are already doing life with (neighbors, co-workers, other Plum Creekers…) or joining an existing group. There are a variety of group options including marriage, parenting, finances, athletics, family, social issues, creative arts, and more.

If you are going through these questions with a group, summarize the message from this weekend for anyone who might not have been there.

If you are going through these questions as an individual, spend some time going over your notes or writing down any thoughts or questions that stand out from the message this weekend.

Main thought: giving up more for less is a bad deal.

John’s purpose in writing in part is to correct the false views or impressions the people may have had of Jesus with what He and filling Him is really like because they had been living under false information.

How have you reacted when you’ve heard someone else misrepresenting someone dead to you?

Doug discussed the three areas John did that pull us away from the Father: the desires of the flesh, desires of the eyes and the pride of life. The Message version translates these as “wanting your own way, wanting everything for yourself, and wanting to appear important.” Which of these three are you more likely to fall into?

How might the world be sneaking up on you? Do you find yourself away of how you are being pulled away from God? What are some things you chase after or things you use to cope instead of seeking God- consciously or unconsciously?

Theologian Warren Wiersbe said “worldliness not only affects your response to the love of God, it also affects your response to the will of God. Anything that causes us to lose our enjoyment of the Father’s love of His doctrine is worldly and must be avoided.” How have you seen yourself fluctuate in your ability to receive the love of God and your response to His will in relation to your pursuit of worldly things?

In Dan’s testimony he says, “God doesn’t care if He wrecks us to get to know who He is.” Have you seen this be true in your life or the life of someone you care about? What was that like? How do those words make you feel?

Read 1 John 2:14. John notes that our strength is directly tied to God abiding in us. What has your experience with the Holy Spirit been like? What has your experience with God’s word (the Bible) been like?

If you’ve stored the word of God in your heart, have you seen the benefit of that? How or how not? If you haven’t, what might be preventing you from doing so?

Love of the world squeezes out love of the Father. How do you need prayer this week? What do you want to say to/ask of God?