March 18 - April 9

Following Jesus leads to feelings of surprise mingled with admiration. It is beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, even inexplicable. If you follow Him long enough and far enough, you will find yourself in the middle of some miracles, including what He will do in you!


Part One

March 18 & 19 / Doug Miller



Part Two

March 25 & 26 / Doug Miller



Part Three

April 1 & 2 / Kyle Freedman



Part Four

April 8 & 9 / Doug Miller

Share a time in your life, past or present, when you needed a miracle.

This week as we began our new “Wonder Series” we shared that we shouldn’t seek miracles, we should seek Jesus.  Has there ever been a time in your life when you were seeking a miracle more than you were seeking Jesus?

Read Matthew 10:29-31.  How has God demonstrated His greatness in the small details of your life?

On a scale of 1-10, how easy or hard is it for you to believe in miracles?  Why did you score yourself the way you did?

Read John 20:30-31 & John 2:11. How does hearing stories of what God is doing become the catalyst for your faith to grow?

Pray that your heart will be stirred and for the boldness needed to pray for miracles in the situations in your life and in others’ lives this week.  Pray as well for any requests you may have.

What’s the most difficult thing you’ve ever done? The most calories you’ve burned in a single day? What do you think would happen if you put that same kind of effort into seeking Jesus?

One way God expresses His sovereignty is by strategically positioning us in the right place at the right time. Have you ever met the right person at the right place at the right time, and the only explanation was God? Share it with the group.

If you want to experience the miraculous, you need to make every effort to get in close proximity to the healing power of Jesus.

Take a few minutes to read and reflect on those stories in Luke 8: 43– 48; Luke 7: 36– 50; and Mark 2: 1– 12. What is the common denominator in each of these stories?  How can you follow suit?

The second miracle Jesus performed happened in the same place as the first miracle. And that is no coincidence. It’s easier to believe God for a miracle in a place where you’ve experienced one before.  Where and how have you experienced God’s miraculous power?

Pray for opportunities to ask God for big things in your life and the lives of others.  Pray as well for any special requests you may have.  Please pray as well for God’s supernatural provision for the addition to our children’s and youth spaces at church.

What was your main takeaway from the sermon this weekend?

Read John 6:16-21, Mark 6:45-52, & Matthew 14:22-33

What do you think God wants you to know?
How do these passages make you feel?
What are these passages calling you to do? (specifically in your life)

What is your boat?  Where is fear or comfort keeping you from experiencing the adventure God has for you?
What is one step you can take in your life that would say “I believe in You!”?

Stand up for a value you believe in during a tough conversation?
Express affection even though it may be hard for you?
Take on a challenge that you know will stretch you?

Where are you in relation to Jesus these days?

Huddled in the boat with a life preserver and the seat belt on
One leg in, one leg out
I’m walking on the water – and loving it
I’m out of the boat – but the wind looks pretty bad

Pray that God will give you the courage to step out of your boat and into the adventure He has for you.  Pray as well for any requests you may have.

Read John 6:1-13.

  Have you ever found yourself in a situation where enough wasn’t enough but God made miraculous provision? If so hare it with the group.

  In God’s economy, 5 + 2 doesn’t equal 7. Actually, 5 + 2 = 5,000 R12. The disciples had more left over than they started with. This was an “only God” moment. Have you ever had one of those “only God” moments? Share it with the group.

  Why do you think we struggle to trust God with our finances?  Have you ever seen Him not be faithful when you have been faithful?

  The lesson of the fourth miracle is simple: if you put what you have in your hands into God’s hands, He can make a lot out of a little! If you have a scarcity mentality, you’ll hang on to what you have. Why? Because the more you give, the less you’ll have. The abundance mentality is the exact opposite: the more you give away, the more God can give back. Where are you on the scarcity to abundance scale? (1 being scarcity 10 being abundance)  Why do you give yourself the score you did?

  What is it in your life that you have experienced that most often holds you back from living an abundant 10?  What can you do to change this?

  Your job is not to crunch numbers and audit the will of God. After all, the will of God is not a zero-sum game. When you add God to the equation, two fish can go a lot further than you imagine. What are the “five loaves & two fish” you need to give to God?

  Please pray as a group for our Easter Services next week and also for God to provide the resources needed for our Seeds Campaign.  Pray as well for any special requests you may have.