The Strangest Things

February 24-25

Rick Dunn joins us as he talks about how to be spiritually relevant.


The Strangest Things

Frebruary 24 & 25 / Rick Dunn


1. Read Ephesians 2:1-10. Identify 3-5 phrases that stand out to you as Paul’s primary points of emphasis. Which of these most powerfully encourages you in your relationship with Jesus? Why is that phrase so powerful in this moment?

2. The Scriptures teach that we are all living in the “UPSIDE DOWN” where unseen spiritual forces are out to destroy us, and the ones we love. If you remembered this on a daily basis, how do you think it would effect the way you live? The way your raise your children? The way you view the mission of the church? The way you consumer media?

3. Of the four main points of the teaching

1. The world is a spiritual battleground for human hearts
2. The enemy’s weapon of mass destruction is : Deception
3. The world is filled with hearts longing desperately for the Father’s Love
4. We are called and created to offer the Father’s love to a desperate world

Which one hit the “closest to home” in your heart? What about that point captured your heart?

4. Rick emphasized “it’s getting darker”. Where do you personally see evidence of a spiritual darkness closing in on the younger generations in our culture? Identify the top two emotions you feel about this reality: ANGER SADNESS FEAR HELPLESSNESS DISCOURAGEMENT ANXIETY FRUSTRATION DISAPPOINTMENT OTHER

5. Brainstorm on how you and your family could personally live as light in the darkness as our culture increasingly falls into spiritual deception. What are the three practical ways that PCCC as a whole could shine His light into the Castle Rock and surrounding communities? DREAM: What would happen to our community if EVERYONE at PCCC united around this vision?

6. Specifically, how can we spend more energy being on mission, taking the Gospel to a hurting generation instead of spending more energy on “being good at church”?

7. PRAYER : Seek the Lord for the wisdom, strength, courage, and love you will need to fight the spiritual battle that surrounds you. Ask God that you may follow Josh Miller’s example, “one day at a time”.

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Group Questions are not yet available.