State Of The Church

March 11 & 12

Plum Creek Church's update on all things old and new happening within the church. Keeping the congregation up-to-date on the ways God is directing and moving the church in their decisions for the future.


Part One

March 11 & 12 / Doug Miller


What is your favorite book/movie that really is about the back story to a story? Like Hacksaw Ridge or Hidden Figures?

How does knowing our Heavenly Father’s compassion is part of what moved Him to send His Son to earth to die for you speak to your heart?

Read John 5:19 & Ephesians 5:1-2. How do these verses speak to you related to God’s call on each of us to make our lives count by impacting the community around you?

How can you respond with a greater level of compassion to the people in your life? How will doing this increase the opportunities you have to impact the lives of others?

When you think about all God is doing at Plum Creek what is it that gets you most excited? Why?

What is the best way for you to be involved?

Pray for God to do amazing things in and through our church this year. Pray as well for any special requests you may have.