Mother's Day

May 12 - 13

Join us as we celebrate mothers from all walks of life!


Mother's Day

May 12 & 13 / Gary Partridge


1. Read Exodus 20:12, Leviticus 19:3a and Ephesians 6:1-3. What do these verses say about God’s expectations for our relationship with our parents? What doesn’t it say? What does God promise as a result?

2. Every parent is flawed, and we may not like everything we inherited from our parents. But God created all of us in our mother’s womb for a reason. Discuss with your group some of the character traits you inherited from your mother and father. Can you share examples of how God has used them in your life?

3. This past weekend’s Main Thought was: I have a life debt. Have you ever thought about all that you owe to your mother, father or both? Please share some examples.

4. This past weekend we talked about honoring our parents and specifically our moms by: Obeying, Pleasing, Remembering, Appreciating, Helping and Forgiving them. Which of one(s) spoke most specifically to you? Have you done anything differently because of that?

5. Sometimes we forget that our parents, when they are older, need the continuation of our love and affection. Discuss the efforts and sacrifices that your mother made for you. In what ways did you show appreciation at that time? If you didn’t, how can you now express your appreciation to your mother for all that she did for you in your younger years?

6. Read Proverbs 23:22-25. One of God’s purposes for children is to give great joy to their parents. Discuss ways that you feel you gave your parents joy and made them proud as you grew. Talk about ways as an adult that you can continue to give joy and pride to your parents.

7. Look up 1 Timothy 5:2-4, 8 and have someone share it aloud with the group. Reflect on your current and past relationship with your parents. Discuss how your roles might have reversed since your childhood. Share with the group ways this verse could influence your current relationships with the different “mothers” you have in your life.

8. Continuing in 1 Timothy 5, repaying your parents can take many different forms, from as simple as weekly phone calls to bringing them into your home to live with you. What are some simple acts of kindness you could do to repay your parents?

9. Read Psalm 27:10. There is much in the Bible about parents – including honoring them, loving them, and taking care of them. Our God loves us, and he provides for us beyond our parents. He is the Perfect Heavenly Parent. Talk about his great love for you reflected in Psalm 27:10, and what it means to have the Creator of the Universe hold you close.

10. Close in prayer for one another.