Lost + Found

November 4 - November 26

Begin an unforgettable journey of discovering one of the most powerful yet most misunderstood parables of the Bible - The Parable of the Prodigal Son. Uncover the essential message of the parable: that the gospel is neither religion nor irreligion, neither morality nor immorality, but something else entirely - it’s a tale of inexhaustible grace.


Love to Party

November 4 & 5 / Doug Miller



He's Gonna Get It!

November 11 & 12 / Doug Miller



Are You Missing The Party?

November 18 & 19 / Keith Norman



Be Prodigal-Friendly

November 25 & 26 / Kyle Freedman

1. Before this weekend what was your definition of prodigal?

2. How familiar are you with this story that Jesus told? What is your favorite part?

3. Read the beginning of this chapter in Luke again. Luke 15:1-3. Also read John 11:47-48. What do these verses say about the way these religious leaders felt about Jesus hanging out with people from the rougher crowd?

4. Read Luke 15:3-7, Luke 15:8-10, Luke 5:30-32 & Luke 10:10. How does our Heavenly Father feel about those that are far from God?

5. Doug said this week we are all prodigals. How does this make you feel? How is this true?

6. What is your big take-a-way from this week’s intro to the Lost & Found series?

7. Pray together for the prodigals we know. Pray as well that God would use this series to lead many to Him and challenge us to be a church full of prodigal friendly people that would translate into a prodigal friendly church that reflects the heart of our God. Pray as well for any requests you may have.

1. What do you remember most from the first two weeks of the Lost ‘n Found series on the parable of the Prodigal Son?

2. This week we focused on the way the dad forgave his son. What was the most shocking part of the story for you this week? What part touched your heart the most?

3. Why do you think we have such a difficult time understanding our Heavenly Father’s desire to forgive us?

4. Read Luke 15:11-24 & Romans 2:4. What is it that we learn most about the thoroughness our Heavenly Father’s forgiveness?

5. What does this mean for you personally?

6. How would really understanding and embracing this kind of forgiveness change your life? How do you feel about this? Why would our enemy not want us to fully understand this?

7. What can you do this week to live in the full embrace of God’s forgiveness?

8. Pray thanking God for His forgiveness, pray for each other and our church that we would really understand this and share this message with others.

1. What stood out to you this week as you listened to the message?

2. What did you learn about God?

3. What passage of scripture spoke to you?

4. What are you personally feeling called to do in response to this message?

5. What are your prayer requests as they relate to this message?

1. What is your main takeaway from this weekend? The whole series?

2. What is interesting about the way the Father treated both sons?

3. How prodigal friendly is Plum Creek Church?

4. What barriers keep you (personally) from cultivating the heart of the Father? What about our church?

5. What next steps will help you become more prodigal friendly?

6. Who in your circle of influence needs to hear these messages or see the heart of the Father through you?

7. Pray together that the Spirit will grow in you the heart of the Father. Thank God for loving you the way that the Father loved his sons.