Plum Creek Groups

Spiritual Growth depends on many factors, yet the main one may be connection. We believe pursuing life together in a small group format, meeting on a regular basis with intentionality to study and pray, will encourage and enliven your walk with God. We have groups that share book studies, bible studies, and other spiritual growth topics. We have groups that meet and discuss the message series questions. No matter where you are in your walk with God and in your journey of faith, we want to walk alongside you. You are not alone! 



GFO Questions Email List

Do you want to bring God more into the center of your life, and be able to grow spiritually in your everyday relationships? Click the link below to receive monthly emails that include questions related to God, Family, and Others as well as the message series questions from each week. The intent of these questions is to give you talking points for your own established relationships with your spouse, friends, or whomever else you want to grow in your faith alongside.