Football Sunday

February 3-4


Football Sunday

February 3 & 4 / Multiple Speakers


1. What was your favorite part of the Super Bowl game? What was your favorite commercial?

2. Several of the stories of NFL players/spouses that we watched were stories of adversity and how - with God’s help - they overcame their circumstances. What would you say was the most challenging time you’ve had to endure in your life? What were a couple of the important lessons you learned during this time? From your experience, what does the heart of an overcomer look like?

3. Read Revelation 1:18 and listen to Jesus speaking to you. You may want to close your eyes or read this slowly - more than once.

4. Jesus overcame sin and death and now he gives you the power to overcome your sin, adversity and circumstances. In your pain and struggles, in the uncontrollable events of your lives, God has not forgotten you! How can you begin to apply that truth to your life and current situation? How can the group members pray for you?

5. The athletes who shared this weekend are using their platform to tell others about Jesus. How do you do this in your life? How can you do it better?

6. Pray for any special requests you may have as a group. Pray that God would use each of us to share the love of Jesus with those in our valley.