Fearless New Year

January 7 - 29

The New Year is upon us! There is no way to know all 2017 holds in store for us, but we can be sure that God has BIG PLANS! Plans for us to grow in relationship with Him, our Family and Others. The only way for us to experience all He has for us is to head boldly into a Fearless New Year!


Part One

January 7 & 8 / Doug Miller & Chad Arnold



Part Two

January 14 & 15 / Doug Miller



Part Three

January 21 & 22 / Keith Norman



Part Four

January 28 & 29 / Gary Partridge

This weekend Doug shared what he felt was the toughest thing about following Jesus.  What do you think makes our faith journey so challenging?  When Doug said his thought was that it is so daily what did you think about that?

What was your first emotion after watching the video this past weekend?

We talked about the parallel between the price that Ryan paid for Chad to live and the price Jesus paid for us to have life.  Why do you think Chad’s story gripped us so deeply yet the reality of what Jesus has done for us seems to have less impact on our lives?

If there was a way for us to stay intimately connected to all God has done for us how would that change your life?  How could this perspective become our motivation to live for Him?

Read Romans 12:1-2 together as a group and note any observations together.  Next go back and pray through this verse using the verses to literally become the words for your prayer.

What was your main take-a-way from last week’s message and time spent in Romans 12:1-2?

Did this change any of your perspective/goals for 2017?  If so how?

This week we spent time talking about the importance of knowing and emulating our Heavenly Father’s heart.  Why is this is so important?  Why is it so hard to maintain this focus?

Re-read Luke 7:11-17.  What stands out to you the most from this story/passage?

This week we said that TO STAY ON TRUE MISSION:
- Dad’s Heart Is My Heart
- Navigate the Current Of The Crowd
- Commit To The ONE
- Life BECOMES Mission

Which of these stood out to you the most and why?  Which of these do you think will be the most difficult for you?  Why?

If we stay committed to living a Fearless New Year in 2017, what are some things that you think you may experience by the end of December?  How do these thoughts challenge you?

Pray together that God will help us individually and as a church to, “Stay On True Mission”.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but there will be no discussion questions for this weekend.

When you face a worrying situation, do you tend to take action or to be more passive? What are some advantages and disadvantages to the way you respond to worry?

Review and answer these 4 Questions:
Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?
Who of you by worrying has probably taken an hour off your life?
Who of you by worrying is driving people in your life out of their minds?
Who of you by worrying has added value to what you value most?

Then why is worry such a problem for so many people? Why don’t we see that it never works?

Read Matthew 6:25-34. The Main Thought this past weekend was: Will I Choose Trust Over Worry?

What are some obstacles to you believing what Jesus said about trusting God?

How would your life be different if you believed him?

How much of the emotional battle of worry would subside if you knew that God knew what you needed?

Which is more dependable, worry or God?

What is something that worries you right now?

What can you do this week to declare your trust in your Heavenly Father?
What can you do this week to relabel your worry as “tomorrow”?
What can you do this week to participate in what God is doing today?
How can our group support you?

Pray for one another to begin to apply one or more of these ideas.