December 2 - 24

There are many names for Jesus, but what do they really mean? Join us as we discover why He is called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace. You'll gain a new and relevant perspective on the Savior who was born in a manger over two thousand years ago.


Wonderful Counselor

December 2 & 3 / Doug Miller



Everlasting Father

December 9 & 10 / Doug Miller



Mighty God

December 16 & 17 / Gary Partridge


Prince of Peace

December 23 & 24 / Doug Miller


We began this week’s message talking about the challenges of naming our kids. Do you know the story behind how you were given your name? If so share it with your group.

We began this year’s Christmas series this week. Read Isaiah 9:6 and remind yourself of these powerful descriptions of Jesus.

Read the following verses: John 14:16-20; John 16:7-15 and write you’re your thoughts or share them with your group.

When Jesus left the earth, He sent his Spirit (The Holy Spirit) to continue as our Wonderful Counselor. How do we receive this guidance, advice and counsel?

God speaks to us different ways but most can be grouped into these 4 categories.
The Bible
Through our experiences
Through others
Through a still small voice

Describe some of the ways God has spoken to you.

Take some time today (this week) to get alone with God and practice listening to Him. Begin by finding a quiet spot and quieting your heart. Once you are in that place ask God these three questions…then listen & write down His responses.

- Jesus, what one thing do you wish to change in me today?

- Jesus, What is keeping me from changing? (Be open to whatever He says)

- Jesus, what one thing can I do today to begin changing?

- Be sure to share with your group or with a loved one what God said to you.

Conclude your Group or time of personal reflection asking God that our Christmas Series will help you get to know God better. Pray as well that God would use this season to impact and touch many lives. Ask God who He would want you to invite to Christmas Eve? Pray for God’s help in reaching our goal for our Christmas Missions Offering!

Dad is a word that conjures lots of different emotions for lots of different reasons. Thumbs up or thumbs down for you personally?

When the word Father is used to describe God, what is the first thought or emotion that comes to mind? Why?

This is a unique year for Doug and his family. This is the first Christmas without his dad. When you think about God being our EVERLASTING Father what does this mean to you?

We also spent some time unpacking how a dad communicates his love for his kids. Undoubtedly there are many more but here are the ones Doug shared.
He Gives Good COUNSEL
He Provides An Inheritance

Which of these touches your heart the most this Christmas Season? Why?

Read John 15:13 & Psalms 103:10-13. As we head into the busyness of this season what can you do to pause and reflect on our Everlasting Father?

Pray as a group that the Lord would use this season to impact the lives of many in our valley. Pray about who God would lead you to invite to come with you to our Christmas Eve services.

What are some of your favorite Christmas carols? Why?

We are in Week 3 of our Christmas at Plum Creek Church series based on Isaiah 9:6. Read this verse again that was written 700 years before Jesus was born. 

How did God speak to you this weekend? Or what stood out to you in the message this weekend?

This week we are looking at the name: Mighty God. Read Isaiah 7:14, Philippians 2:6-7, John 12:44-45 and Colossians 1:15a.

Then read this quote from Wayne Grudem:

Only someone who is infinite God could bear the full penalty for all the sins of all those who would believe in him – any finite creature would have been incapable of bearing that penalty; salvation is from the Lord, and the whole message of Scripture is designed to show that no human being, no creature, could ever save man – only God himself could; and only someone who was truly and fully God could be the one mediator between God and man, both to bring us back to God and also to reveal God most fully to us.

These verses describe the theological truth of the “Incarnation” and our Main Thought this weekend: Mighty God became human.

What are some implications for how we experience of Jesus knowing he is Mighty God?

How is this helpful in defending our faith?

Mighty God became human so I could:
Know His Character
Receive His Forgiven
Experience His Friend
Encounter His Power
How have you come to appreciate these “gifts” from God? How has life been different for you because of these “gifts”?

Read Romans 8:29, Philippians 2:13 and Philippians 1:6. These verses are meant to be encouraging to Christ-followers. Reflect and share with one another how you have experienced the transforming power of God in your own life. How you have seen God’s transforming work in each other?

Your assignment this week is to ask this question over and over: Jesus, what do I need most from you today?

Spend time praying for one another and for those on your “list” who have yet to come to personally know Jesus – our Mighty God!

Remember to invite friends and family to one of our 6 Christmas Eve services this weekend!

Saturday, December 23rd
4:30pm and 6:00pm

Sunday, December 24th
11:00am, 12:30pm, 2:00pm and 3:30pm

What stood out to you this week as you listened to the message?

What did you learn about God?

What passage of scripture spoke to you?

What are you personally feeling called to do in response to this message?

What are your prayer requests as they relate to this message?

Pray for one another that Christ would be our life!