Christian Atheist

August 12 - September 3

You say you believe in God. Do you really? Do you live your life as if God is in the room, or do you assume He's not paying attention? You call yourself a Christian. Are you living a distorted life? There is a modern cultural phenomenon happening all around us in the church: the person who says they believe, but whose life reflects otherwise.


Part One

August 12 & 13 / Doug Miller



Part Two

August 19 & 20 / Doug Miller



Part Three

August 26 & 27 / Gary Partridge



Part Four

September 2 & 3 / Doug Miller

Who’s someone famous you know almost everything about, but don’t really know them?

On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is “all talk,” and 10 is “all walk,” how much do you live like God exists?

Where does your faith land: don’t know Him, know Him but not well, or know Him intimately and serve Him wholeheartedly?

Where do you want your faith to be? What are some life changes that could help you get there?

Share a story of closeness to God.

What do you most often call God, and how often do you talk with Him? How does this define your relationship with Him?

Read Ephesians 1:17-19. What are the main things you learn from these verses.  How can these verses become a prayer and reality for you in your life?

Why do you think we often struggle to forgive ourselves?

  Read John 10:10.  I believe one of our enemies most used tactics is twisting our hearts and minds until we chose not to accept God’s forgiveness or fullness of life.  How have you seen this play out in your life or the lives of others you know?  Can you sense the reality of our enemy’s plan to steal, kill & destroy?

  How have you personally or how have you seen others punish themselves for mistakes and things done wrong?

  Now Read the second part of John 10:10 again.  Jesus came to bring life and life to the full.  How would this come to fruition if we could just live free, fully accepting God’s forgiveness and also choosing to forgive ourselves?

  Read Romans 8:1-2.  What is Paul teaching us about our incredible God?  In light of Paul’s sordid past these verses speak even louder.  What would be the result of believing and applying these verses to your life?  Why is it so vitally important to remind yourself of these truths, keeping them in perspective and at play in your life?

  Read Psalm 51:10-12.  Remember this is the psalm King David wrote after he had an affair with Bathsheba, got her pregnant, killed her husband and took her as his own wife.  It is a painful story.  In spite of all David’s failures he was still described as a man after God’s own heart.  How do these two verses reflect this?  Finish your time together pairing off and taking time to pray out loud the words of this psalm over each other.

  Finally pray for God to use PCC this Fall to impact our valley with the gospel.  Pray that God would help you to discern how you and your group are part of His plan to do this!  Pray that many would decide to step across the line of faith.  Pray as well for our children’s ministry as they transition to meeting at the school next door.

What foods or beverages do you like to “customize”? Share the details.

What do you think of the premise that so many Christians customize their faith?

Does your life reflect your understanding of God more as a loving Father, or more as a righteous Judge? Do you think you need more balance? If so, how?

Read Psalm 36:1-2. What’s your gut definition of fearing God? How does the word “fear” make you feel about God?  What did you think of the definition of Loving God + Respecting God = Fearing God?  Spend some time on this.

Read Proverbs 9:10, 14:27 and 22:4. Our Main Thought this weekend was: Love and respect for God changes the way I live.

Share a story of a time when your fear of the Lord led you to change the way you were living or to make a wise decision that led to a fuller life.

In what area of your life are you not fearing and not obeying God? Why? What are you going to do about it? How can your group help?

Pray for one another based on what was shared.

Name one thing that you’ll never be able to fully control (but wish you could). Weather, spouse, time, age, boss, hair, cat?

What’s one of the most controlling things you ever do with people? What’s one of the most trusting things you ever do?

What are some practical, everyday actions you identify as showing trust in God?

What are some specific ways your life might look different if God had your complete trust?

I don’t fully trust God with _______. Fill in the blank with something, someone, or some specific way you struggle trusting God.

Read Proverbs 3:5-6. As you review it again what are the main truths that stick out in your mind? How could you apply this to your life?

Use the words in this proverb as a template for a time of personal prayer. Make it personal! Pray as well for any special requests you may have!